Thank you for your interest in our wholesale and private labeling service.

Looking for a professional skincare formulator to produce new or existing formulas for your brand? At La’dohnya, we manufacture and deliver your cosmetic products. We also offer services including packaging, formulation, graphic design, and delivery.

Our wholesale & private label solution is simple. You select/list the products you want, and we manufacture and deliver.  Please note that wholesale and private label products come in buckets. In rare cases, if required, we’ll handle the sourcing of jars and printing of your label (attracts extra fee), package your products, label them, seal, and deliver to you. If required, we can integrate your components into production (raw materials, packaging, fragrance, etc).

We can manufacture black soap, paste soap, bar soap, shower gel, cream, oil, butter, serum, scrub, toner, etc. Our current minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 2liters per product, minimum of 3 products.

Our wholesale or private labeling service comes in three forms:

Manufacturing only

We’ll use solely the formula provided by you to manufacture for you. Please note that for Manufacturing only, you’ll provide us with the complete formula list of what you want in the products to enable us manufacture for you. Price list under this section differs, and will be calculated after we receive your formula and order in liters.

Our Formula & Manufacturing

We’ll use our existing product formula to manufacture for you. This formula is what we use to make products for our brand. If you want to know what the products contains, you’ll have to buy the formula for 5k. Please request for our wholesale price list for this section.

Exclusive Formula & Manufacturing

You request for a specific product to be made exclusively for you with a different formula that we’ll curate just for you. You possess full ownership of this formula. If you want to know what the products contain, you’ll have to buy the formula for 20k. Price list under this section differs, and will be calculated upon curation of formula and once we receive your order in liters.

Other Paid Services

Cosmetic packaging: We can arrange primary and secondary packaging for your skincare products.

Graphic Design: We have a graphic design team ready to design and print your product label(s).

Shipping: We help you organize the shipment of your skincare products to your location/warehouse.

Consultation: We offer a 1hr free consultation to discuss what you want, your needs and desires, and for better understanding. Any additional consultation after this will be charged at 30k per hour.

Delivery Timeframe

Estimated delivery is between 1 – 2 weeks once payment is made, depending on the order size and complexity of the formulations. If you require labeling or packaging, that you have instructed us to source, please allow up to 3-4 weeks, for delivery.

Terms & Conditions

1. Wholesale/private labelling orders start from 2 liters per product, minimum of 3 products.

2. La’dohnya reserves the right, without prior notice, to discontinue wholesale deal or change specifications in products.

3. You cannot adjust the formula for wholesale and private label orders. If any additional ingredients, including fragrance, are added by the buyer to any product after the item has been dispatched, La’dohnya will not be held responsible, neither will we cover any liability claim made.

4. Products will be sent in buckets/containers depending on the quantity bought; ready to be packaged (except we’re instructed to source for packaging or labels at an extra cost).

5. If you want to know what each products contain, you’d have to buy the formula.

6. We provide selling options for you to make the most; however it’s up to you to decide how to go about it.

7. You can request for a specific product that’s not on the list to be made; in wholesale.

8. How you, as the wholesaler run your business is totally at your discretion. However, if we notice any resemblance or similarity to La’dohnya in the form of copying (name of product, style/identity of brand, writeups, etc), we reserve the right to discontinue wholesale deal.

9. A valid means of Identification (International passport, drivers license, voters card), should be submitted with your name, number, social media handle, and home address.

10. Delivery fee is on the buyer.

11. Please give us a week notice when you want to restock.

La’dohnya is specially trained and skilled in product formulations. We would be thrilled to create your very own, exclusive range of quality face and body skincare products for your brand.

If you are okay with our terms and conditions, please let us know so we can proceed accordingly, as you will also need to fill/sign an agreement form.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at admin@ladohnya.com

Thank you and we can’t wait to have you on board!