Eve Lightening Set




Eve Lightening Set is for anyone looking to get a few shades lighter, and for light skinned people who want to maintain/improve their complexion.

It combines natural ingredients to lighten your skin, nourish and hydrate your skin, correct sun damage, fade knuckles, help with hyperpigmentation, promote skin cell regeneration, improve skin tone, and reduce blemishes to promote a clearer, smoother skin. Reveals a more lighter and even toned complexion.

Who Can Use the Lightening Set?

  • A light skinned person who wants to improve/maintain his/her skin tone and get lighter.
  • A dark skinned or melanin toned person who wants to become lighter by a few shades (won’t whiten you).
  • A light skinned person who got dark overtime and wants to regain his/her skin tone.
  • Anyone looking to treat their damaged skin and maintain it whilst getting lighter.

Consists of:

  • Cosmic Body Wash
  • Velvet Silk
  • Goddess Potion


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