Thank you for your interest in our Distributor/Stockist program.

Our products are manufactured by a team of professionally trained and skilled cosmetic scientists. We use the highest grade, required percentages of botanical and active ingredients In our product formulations. We prioritize the health of our customers skin in mind; which is why we use ethically sourced active ingredients and botanical extracts to deliver safe, effective products for everyone.

As a La’dohnya Distributor/Stockist, the shortest work term with us is 3 months; and can be extended upon request.


We accept Distributors/Stockists in any and every state/country. We also accept Distributors/Stockists who sell both online and offline (physical shop).

Delivery Timeframe

Estimated delivery is between 1 – 3 weeks once payment is made, depending on the order size.

Terms & Conditions

1. A La’dohnya Distributor/Stockist can stock other beauty brands, so long as it doesn’t affect ours.

2. The least amount of products you can start with is 20 pieces (products can be mixed to get 20 pieces {eg 5 pieces each of 4 different products} or bought as a set ie 20 pieces of one specific product).

3. Price of products are not to be altered or changed by any Distributor/Stockist.

4. La’dohnya products should not be altered or repackaged.

5. While on promo, a Distributor/Stockist may decide whether to be on promo or not.

6. Your given location should be your main location. Switching of locations is prohibited.

7. A valid means of Identification (International passport, drivers license, voters card), alongside Company ID card should be submitted with your name, number, social media handle and home address.

8. If you have a walk-in store/physical store, please send your store address. If you have a social media page, please send the username/handle.

9. You must register on our social media account and website as our Distributor/Stockist with necessary information.

10. A customer survey (name, contact & product bought) should be given to us when restocking to enable us serve you better.

11. Please give us a week notice when you want to restock.

12. If you run a delivery service and a customer asks for pay-on-delivery, the option is on the Distributor/Stockist.

13. Delivery charges is on the Distributor/Stockist when restocking.

14. Products will be delivered in sized jar/bottle with La’dohnya product label.

If you are okay with our terms and conditions, please let us know so we can proceed accordingly, as you will also need to fill/sign an agreement form.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at admin@ladohnya.com

Thank you and we can’t wait to have you on board!